Research & Scan


Using the sculpture as its central focus, re:mancipation will seek to explore, dissect, and better understand racism on campus, in our communities, and in America, broadly. The Project team, will consist of:
  • Artists
  • Institutions (Museums, Universities, Foundations)
  • Educators
  • Activists
  • Wisconsin Community Members
The week of July 12, 2021, Sanford Biggers, MASK Consortium and Chazen staff worked to research and scan the Ball sculpture and about two dozen other objects in the Chazen collection and plan other elements of the project. The Chazen’s prep staff set up a studio in the Elvehjem Building’s Mayer Gallery and MASK Consortium members scanned permanent-collection objects selected by Biggers using hand-held 3D scanners that feed data into a program that creates an exact representation of the object on the computer screen.

Explore MASK's makeshift workspace at the Chazen

The team also used a 3D Space Scanner to  create dimensionally accurate 3D digital models of museum spaces including the Rowland Gallery, and Gallery IV, where Emancipation Group has been on view.